New Toy – MemSQL

June 25, 2012

We have a new toy to play with. MemSQL is a “Lock Free”, Just In TIme (GIJ) SQL compler (C++) that is MySQL client compatible. It was developed by two former Facebook developers, Eric Frenkiel and Nikita Shamgunov,  and is said to be the world’s fastest.

I gave it a 30min review.  The install was incredibly simple. I use mysqldump to dump a WordPress tables directly into MemSQL and all when well until I  tried to use the website.  MemSQL is NOT a MySQL drop in replacement. But, they don’t say it is.

MemSQL is ACID compliment and might fit well in a small application needing high read write transactions. (Think stock trading.) There is no descriptions on how to scale. Documentation is thin but good enough for testing. It is not open source.

MemSQL has thrown down the gontlet gauntlet with the a claim of being the world’s fastest.  They don’t describe how the testing was done.  What version of MySQL where they comparing it with?

I’m looking forward to some more technical review.   I’ll report more if I can find the time.



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3 Comments to "New Toy – MemSQL"

  1. boris wrote:


  2. hartmut wrote:

    > MemSQL is NOT a MySQL drop in replacement. But, they don’t say it is.

    Depends on where you look, the landing page says “MemSQL behaves exactly like MySQL”, the documentation has a limitations page that lists some of the things that don’t work, and when you dig deeper into it you find even more stuff not working.

    > MemSQL is ACID compliment

    Only in the same way as e.g. the Aria storage engine in MariaDB is: there are no multi statement transactions, no BEGIN/COMMIT/ROLLBACK, just durable auto commit behavior, as of now.

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    New Toy – MemSQL | MySQL Fanboy

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